60-75 min Complete Consult + HTMA $295.00

The Complete consult + HTMA includes:

60-75 min Complete Consult $185.00

This consult is ideal if you already have the HTMA test completed or wish to order it on your own here. The cost of the HTMA is not included and you can share your test results with me. The consult includes:

30 min consult $65.00 

This consult is ideal if:

What are the labs?

Blood labs: The "Full Monty" includes:


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is tool used to gain insight into the nutrient profile of your hair. Testing your hair will give your consultant ways to help you understand insight into your personal situation, how your body responds to stress and other aspects too. The preferred laboratory we suggest is Trace Elements Inc (TEI). More info about testing can be found here.

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