Restoring Health using the Root Cause Protocol

What is Equilibrio?

Equilibrio is a combination of two words; Equilibrium and Brio. Equilibrium because the Root Cause Protocol (RCP) is created for restoring mineral balance to the body. Brio refers to enthusiastic vigor, vivacity, and verve as that is how one begins to feel as the RCP starts restoring balance in your body. I also have an affinity for the name because it means "equilibrium" in several languages.

My name is Anne Briotet, a Francophone who lives near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. My family, studies, and career led me to learn and live in different cultures and countries. I have degrees in English, French, and Spanish and use these languages in my day-to-day career in the education field.

Several years ago I was forced to take a good look at my health when a prescription medication severely disrupted my body's "equilibrio" (see my story here). My training as a RCP consultant helped me realize that mainstream thinking about what achieving health is not necessarily accurate. For example:

  • Anemia, or the "lack of iron" is predominantly a misconception, and iron supplementation does more harm than good.

  • Attacking a pathogen (such as dysbiosis/ candida) is not the long-term answer. Strengthening the body is the way to regain health and get rid of pathogens for good.

  • Many Rx prescriptions, such as birth control, can deplete your body of precious minerals essential to metabolic balance.

  • You do not need to suffer harsh detoxes to improve health. With the RCP, healing is a gentle process.

What is the Root Cause Protocol?

Morley Robbins is the creator of the Root Cause Protocol (RCP). The RCP seeks to correct metabolic dysfunction caused by mineral deficiencies. His scientific research based protocol addresses the "root cause" of health illnesses by correcting mineral imbalances especially concerning copper, magnesium, and iron. Click here to learn more about the Root Cause Protocol.

If you are interested in learning more or starting the protocol, click here to download the free RCP manual.

If you are wondering how the RCP may be able to help you, check out some of the many testimonials here.